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Our Servers

Meirhosting Servers
Meirhosting doesn't just provide cheap servers, we match the server to your needs. All our servers are top quality, utilising branded and high spec equipment, but the specification will vary depending on its intended use. A file storage server will not require a fantastic processor but will probably need the biggest hard drive we can install. Whereas, a small popular website probably doesn't need a big hard drive but gets very busy at times, so needs as much processing and memory as possible.

Send us your requirements and we will provide you with a server up to the job

All but our starter servers come monitored and managed, the only thing you need to do is look after your website.

Web Hosting

Phil Brown says...

"I very much appreciate your excellent support once again."


cPanel Hosting control panel of choice
Secure Access The Meirhosting Control Panel uses SSL encrypted access to keep your connection safe
Monitoring Services For Servers and Websites whether hosting by us not