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A few words about us

MeirHosting provides great value for money, quality web hosting for personal and business use.

We offer excellent service and support. Keeping everything easy and hassle free for you, the customer.

MeirHosting.Net was setup in 2002 by David Heath primarily to host UK charities and to provide a local hosting service for local people and businesses. But as word spread about our service, we found that our humble beginnings were not enough and it was time to invest and become more professional.

Within 18mths we had several of our own servers and offered a whole host of services.

Our friendly yet professional manner, from customer services to technical support always astounds our new clients who often wondered why they had not found us sooner!

Our Values
Fairness, reliability, value for money. From the start, we've adhered to these values and as a result, our customers receive fantastic service.
Customer Service
If you're not sure, just ask! During our time in this industry, we've come across all sorts of things. If we can help, we will, email, support ticket or even Facebook...
Award Winning
We may be small, but we ain't arf tough! Our team and customers believe we're the best!
Join us and see for yourself
Global Reach
Meirhosting focuses on our UK market, but we have many international customers, we truly have a global reach
The Internet is open 24/7 and so are we! Our servers our monitored around the clock with admins ready to respond if necessary.
Our Commitment
There's no reason we cannot continue to offer a great service. Our commitment is hopefully clear to see

Web Hosting

Chris Frost says...

"Having used MeirHosting for over 1 year since moving from a larger, more well known hosting company, the high quality of service and support I receive still continues to amaze me. MeirHosting are extremely helpful in answering questions, providing a personal one to one service, and providing outstanding uptime of their servers."


cPanel Hosting control panel of choice
Secure Access The Meirhosting Control Panel uses SSL encrypted access to keep your connection safe
Monitoring Services For Servers and Websites whether hosting by us not