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Q. What can I do to reduce the amount of spam email I get?

A. 1. NEVER click on an "unsubscribe" link on spam. That only serves to confirm that someone actually reads the spam they send you...and they will then sell your email address to other spammers.

2. If your email address is on your website, you might want to change to using a form mailer, for contact. Spammers harvest email addresses using a spider program. The spider searches websites and gathers any email address it can find.

3. If you participate in newsgroups / usenet, do NOT use your email address in the reply to field of your newsreader. Again, spammers harvest these groups for valid email addresses.

4. Activate SpamAssassin on your account:

Enable Spamassassin within the Mail section of cpanel.

Spamassassin uses rulesets to identify possible spam and will mark the email header with ***SPAM***

The email is then processed as normal giving you the option to decide whether or not it is actually spam.

You have the option also to create a Spambox and filter/forwarder where all identified spam email can be sent but your spambox needs to be checked regularly as it can soon uses up your webspace allocation. Once you are confident that the system is identifying spam correctly then enable Spamassassin in cpanel to delete all spam.

If Spamassassin marks your email incorrectly then you'll need to configure it to allow all email from certain domains or lower the sensitivity (higher number), follow the Configuration link in cpanel to set your options.
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