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Q. I have an error log with php entries saying something about suhosin, why is this and how can I fix it?

A. php is now controlled from within cpanel for each account. Login to cpanel and go to the PHP Selector. In there you can choose which php version you would prefer, alter the php settings and enable php modules. In this case your code is looking for suhosin which appears to be enabled on your accounts php version. It's highly likely that you haven't looked at the PHP Selector before and it is still set to the Native version. This is the servers php version which won't have any modules enabled. Set your version, perhaps 5.3, save your choice then enable suhosin and save again. Once you have saved your choices the effects are instant, so it's best to delete the error log in question. If there are any further php related problems then the error log will be recreated.
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