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Q. How do I add additional webspace or bandwidth or upgrade my hosting package?

A. To upgrade your hosting package or add additional webspace, bandwidth or some other hosting addon, follow these steps:

1. Login at
2. In the left hand main menu, click on 'My Hosting'
3. The main screen will now show your hosting packages, under which are some small icons, typically U and A. There is a legend at the bottom of the main screen, basically the U icon is for package Upgrades, the A icon represents Addons and it's in the Addon section that you will find all available addons such as webspace and bandwidth.
4. Click on the appropriate icon and follow the order process
5. A pro-rata invoice is typically generated to last the remainder of your hosting account period. This allows for a single renewal invoice to deal with, rather than renewing your hosting on one date then renewing your hosting addon on another date
6. Pay your Addon/Upgrade invoice and your order will be processed
7. Sit back and wait for your confirmation email to arrive signifying the completion of your Upgrade/Addon order.
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